Getting the support you need doesn't have to be expensive.  Going with a small business brings lower overheads that need to be met which can be passed onto clients in lower prices.  Punk Legal offers the same professional legal service as going to mainstream lawyers at a much lower cost.

Typically our rates are half to a third of the price you would pay for the same expertise and work at a major law firm.  On large transactions, you can be paying for partner level service at below trainee rate!

We also know that the amount a business can afford to pay for advice varies depending on their level of development.  As we want to help support growth not hinder it, we take a long term approach to our relationship with clients and can be flexible in how our fees are structured.

Don't worry about not having the safety in numbers you get from using a large practice. Punk Legal can call on a network of experienced freelancers to ensure that your work can be properly resourced whilst maintaining our commitment to reducing your legal costs and only offering you the service you need.

If you want to explore a low cost but professional solution to getting legal support, get in touch.