Not every business wants, needs or can afford to use a lawyer regularly.  That's why you can call on Punk Legal to help you out, however small a job may seem.

Unlike bigger practices, we don’t have high overheads meaning our fees aren't cost prohibitive.  You do, however, get the benefit of work from a highly experienced lawyer, insured to carry out work on your behalf.

We do not shy away from looking at a single set of terms and conditions just because it isn't a large piece of work and if a job really is too small to make it cost effective for you, we’ll tell you but provide some pointers on how to address things.  At Punk Legal, what's important to our clients is equally important to us.  We can even work with you to set up review templates to reduce your reliance on lawyers!

If you are looking to sell or buy a business or go into partnership, we can provide low cost, professional assistance to ensure that your deal is done efficiently, working with your other advisers as needed.  

We know that a one-off project can be of long-term benefit to our clients and by working together we can maximise this. If you have some work that might benefit from professional input, get in touch.