Whilst contracts and risk management processes don’t tend to be top of the list when starting a business, a proactive approach to the legal footings of your business at an early stage should reap benefits as a business grows.

A common misconception is that legal support has to be expensive and can’t be justified at a time when cash isn’t readily available. At Punk Legal we think that just because you can't afford to employ a lawyer full time or have a high profile law firm on the end of the phone, it doesn't mean your business has to suffer. We know that the law isn't a core element of your business but that doesn’t mean that you have to put the fruits of your labour to unnecessary risk.

Our services are offered using various models to suit your needs and circumstances. This may change as your business grows but we can be there from any stage to help this growth happen smoothly.

Sometimes you might need an adviser come into your business on a regular basis to be involved in strategic decisions, perhaps as a non-executive director. You might also want to have your own lawyer involved who knows your business without employing one full time.   For those clients we can offer retainers with a fixed amount of time per month based in your office if needed.

At other times, you may need someone to get involved for a short period of time or on a specific project and then have the flexibility to just call on an adviser that knows your business well as and when you need it.  

Either way, at Punk Legal we get to know our clients properly so that they can feel we are part of the business whenever they need to call on us. To find out more about how we can work with you, get in touch.